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Located by the sea and 20 minutes from Benidorm, the town is well-known for the white and blue colored buildings, good weather and beaches.

Attractions include the old town, the gorgeous Russian Orthodox Church, Altea Hills, and the town’s church. There are many bars and restaurants that offer delicious Spanish food.

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La Nucia

La Nucia is an inland town nearby Benidorm, and 3 km from Altea. There, you can surely touch Spanish culture with the well-preserved old town and its streets, lots of things to do, like for example a waterfall with a gorgeous view onto the mountains and sea, or a gorgeous church built in the 18th century.

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Alicante is the capital of the province of Alicante and the comarca Alacanti, with a population over 300 000, meaning it is the second largest Valencian city. The metropolitan area has a population over 750 000.

The city is a historic Mediterranean port, islands nearby, incredible beaches, castles and other monuments. It also has an international airport, one of the most busiest airports in Spain and universities.

It has a cultural and touristic importance, and a city worth visiting and/or living in.


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The historic town of Villajoyosa is not only visited by  tourists because of its beaches and colorful, unique buildings,  but also because it’s becoming a popular cultural destination. The old town, the churches, the walls and bridges prove that Villajoyosa has preserved its history very well. It is also well known due to its chocolate industry. It is the historic and administrative capital of the comarca Marina Baixa.

Villajoyosa is located 32 km from the city of Alicante and nearby Benidorm. It is also nearby Guadalest, a small  inland area that is known for the museums, lake and castles.

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Neighborhoods of Finestrat

Golf Bahia, Balcon de Finestrat, Sierra Cortina are all beautiful inland neighborhoods located in between Benidorm and Finestrat. The neighborhoods are filled with beautiful villas, pools and the breathtaking views that outlook on the skyline of Benidorm. Located nearby Tierra Mitica and shopping malls.

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Village of Finestrat

The village is located inland, right by the mountain Puig Campana, the second highest peak in the province of Alicante. The old town is charming and calm, with colorful buildings making you feel like you are back in time. The entrance to a hiking path to the mountain is located in the town.

It is located 12 km away from Benidorm and 55 km from the Alicante International Airport.

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La Cala de Finestrat

Located beside the Poniente side of Benidorm, La Cala is a small tourist resort that offers not only a beach, but also mountains. It’s perfect for people who prefer a calmer vibe. The town is filled with bars that offer great food and the beach is unique. You can see Benidorm, as it is only 3 km away. The location is great, as shopping malls and theme parks are close and there are lots of stores and restaurants in the town centre. There is also a big market offering bargains on clothes and shoes and fresh fruit and veggies on Saturday.

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Benidorm is a city located in eastern Spain, in the province of Alicante, on the well-known Costa Blanca. The city and its area is known for the mountains,  sandy and wide beaches and sunny weather.  Benidorm is also a unique destination, famous because of its numerous skyscrapers and high-rise buildings, a sight not very common in the Mediterranean coast.

The population, according to the 2014 census, Benidorm has a population of  over 70 000 inhabitants, meaning the city has the most high-rise buildings per capita in the world.

Once a small fishing village, it quickly became one the most popular cities to visit in Spain, due to its nightlife and the beaches, considered one of the best in Spain.

Not only is the nightlife exciting, it’s also a family-friendly destination, with amusement parks, zoos and water parks.

If you aren’t only looking for late night exploring in the city or amusement parks, the city is surrounded with numerous beautiful towns, in the mountains and by the seashore.